Avoiding the insane rate my dorm charges for the decent WiFi my flatmate found this guide on setting up a wifi booster. We pay per Ethernet port and before we were all paying about $30 per port which means two per room and you can cover several rooms with a wireless network.

While this is technically against the dorm rules the price they charge for the place in the first place is extortion. Charging again for the internet is just not on. We bought one port and share the connection into a wireless network. If we connected a router they would notice the multiple connections (it has happened in the past) but with a small network plugged into the port and sharing the network on an adhoc wifi network. Then we use the booster to spread the wifi further into the dorm. The little network card on the notebook doesn't cover much space but with this mounted above the door you can get it in every room down the hallway.

wireless repeater

What makes it better is we started giving access to everyone else in the dorm. They pay for the port and the repeater and we end up with free internet.

The signal has no bandwidth limit but a decent speed. Gaming is a bad idea and downloads can take a while but for general usage it works just fine. A lot better than their normal free internet service.

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