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  • ESLA Growing E-Sport Games

    06 October 2015 ( #Gaming )

    As the winter comes around again it's that time to look at what games we'll be looking to train on during the bad weather. The tournament season is fairly quiet this time of year so it's the perfect time to reign back a bit and recoup. Honestly we're...

  • College Dorm Wifi Network

    02 January 2017

    Avoiding the insane rate my dorm charges for the decent WiFi my flatmate found this guide on setting up a wifi booster. We pay per Ethernet port and before we were all paying about $30 per port which means two per room and you can cover several rooms...

  • Horror Games

    06 October 2015

    I hate this time of year. Halloween is coming up and instead of other teams taking the time to train and prepare for the next season everyone starts playing and streaming horror games. Horror games freak me out. Horror movies are bad enough but games...